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Run Coaching

Do I need to be a fast runner to have a coach?

Absolutely not!

You may just be starting out, or returning to running after having time off. Maybe you've set yourself a goal - and you're not sure how to reach it.
You've possibly checked out the training plans that you can get for free, and had a go at following those.

A coach can help you get more from your running, whether you are planning on your first 5km, improving your marathon time or dipping your toe into Ultra running - structured training will help you get there.


 training plans

Personal and specific online training plans


Coaching for groups


1:1 coaching

In-person coaching on a 1:1 basis

group coaching


I offer individual online training plans which are created specifically for you. These plans are carefully designed with your long-term and short-term goals in mind. Each plan is flexible to suit your lifestyle and limitations, as well as providing you with progressive and varied training sessions. Regardless of whether you are new to running and want guidance as to how to get started, or if you are planning on training for your first Ultra marathon, a coach can help support and guide you through it.

Online plans - £45 per month

Free initial consultation offered

Training plans

Laura - Sub 4.30 Marathon Goal & Finisher of the 100km Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon

"Andrea listens to your goals, reflects on your current ability and sets a training plan to match your needs.

She is supportive, positive and knowledgeable. I put full trust in her and boy did it pay off! 

Andrea is the go-to lady for running support, advice and plans, I will be coming back for my next challenge"


Hannah R - Marathon Runner & Shrewsbury Half Marathon 

This girl can

Vikki - Running Circles member. Returning to running after a period of time off

"With work getting busy and the 6 week school holiday approaching I had totally fallen out of routine to run. Since September Andrea has been able to coach me back on track. She uses an app so it's easy to follow my plan and give feedback on my runs.

Andrea is always there for support and guidance and I can't recommend her enough".

"I've been reflecting on the difference between marathon training this time and marathon training at the beginning of the year. I can't believe how many aborted long runs I had that ended up with me crying on the side of the canal. At the time I thought 'I guess this is just marathon training' but now I realise it doesn't have to be that way. I wasn't particularly supported and I didn't realise how much that impacted my belief in myself. 

This time round I've had the sage advice and plans from Andrea and the inspiration of the the ladies in Running Circles and it's made such a difference.

Because I'm a local runner, Andrea tells me exactly where to run for the technical sessions which takes away the pressure of finding somewhere for yourself.

The app that we use breaks down the workouts and gives another way to look at the data.

I can't recommend Andrea enough if you are looking for a coach for whatever your running needs are."

Group Coaching


Local group coaching is available in Kingswinford, West Midlands. This is suited to new runners, or returning runners.

Established Running Circles Groups already meet on Monday's, Tuesday's and Friday's, but I also offer coaching should you wish to get your own group together to run.

Running Circles Group runs - £5 per hour session (Booked in half-term/ term blocks)

Group Coaching - £30 per hour

1:1 Coaching


Suitable for runners of all abilities in the Kingswinford area.

If you are a Beginner who would like support and guidance to start running, then 1:1 coaching can help without the pressure of being in a group situation. 

Maybe you are looking to see how specific technical training sessions can fit into your own running plan, then a 1:1 session can show you.

If you are looking for new routes but don't want to explore alone - then 1:1 sessions can be planned to give you confidence.

Returning to running after injury, a 1:1 coaching session can help to look at methods to help you get back on track carefully.

1:1 Coaching - £20 per hour

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