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Andrea is brilliant, I would highly recommend! She is professional, enthusiastic and always does a thorough job of massaging away any tightness in the muscles. I’ve had both shoulder/back and leg massages and they have been equally effective.

Helen B

"Andrea gained a very quick appreciation of my problem and was able to manipulate some of the key muscle areas that were affected. 

She also provided me with some excellent aftercare tips and techniques which have proved invaluable.

Highly recommended!"


Dave P

"Steve's shoulder has been a lot easier this last week, which is fantastic! He said he is usually in agony by Saturday evening and he wasn't. 

He is not one to have any kind of treatment like that but just being able to have it at home made him feel at ease."


Emma K ( about her husband!)

I had suffered for numerous years with a sore shoulder after spending 25 years in construction. My shoulder disabled me from driving any distance and left me having to take ibuprofen to do many tasks, and find comfort. However after a few sessions with Andrea it became clear my injury was possible to manage. The sport massage helped me become almost pain-free, and drug free. She really has worked wonders. I would thoroughly recommend her services.


Steve K

The concentration is real!__First we ran
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