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Run Coaching for Beginners

How can a coach help you get started?!

If you are new to running, do you even need a coach?

It seems like running should be something that everyone can do, and actually most people can. So what help can a running coach give you that an app, book or magazine article can't?

The biggest 'fear' for new runners is often linked to confidence, or a lack of it. So that is where we start. We have an initial conversation about what is stopping you; we talk about your hopes and goals as well as what limitations you may have before even putting on a pair of trainers.

We talk about the simple stuff, the stuff that many may take for granted; before working out where to start.

We talk about the resources you have, your history with exercise, and past injuries, any current concerns, the area you live, your personal work and life situation. It all has to be carefully considered in order to make a sustainable plan.

It's the hand-holding. The support. The guidance and advice. The knowledge and trust to get you started. It's the little things.

Creating a personal profile gives both yourself and your coach a starting point. This point isn't set in stone though, you are 'work-in-progress' after all! The communication that you will have allows for flexibility and breeds discussions on how to adapt rather than give up.

A coach will be there to help you to solve problems, as well as guide you through your training. The aim is to teach you to be able to have the confidence to go it alone. By giving you the skills you need, you can build from there.

So, if you are new to running, or returning after a long period off, then please get in touch. Let's have a chat to help you get started.


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