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Why pay for a training plan?

Why would you pay for a training plan, when you can find them online for free?

There's no denying that there are a plethora of training plans, written by very informed people out there. These plans cover all ability levels and distances with the occasional tip thrown in there too.

So why pay?

Coaching online with myself is an interactive progression. It's individual and specific to YOU. It's not just a load of sessions which are plucked from the air and stuck on a spreadsheet.

After initial consultations and discussions we form a background about your exercise and running history. We communicate about your goals and the steps you want to achieve along the way. We test where you are now with your level of fitness and we build from there.

For the plan we use an app so you see your specific and personal training sessions that have been inputted. It's interactive so your statistics upload to the app after your run so I can check how you got on. There's room for your comments about the run and an option for me to feedback on there too.

This app allows the two-way conversation to flow. It means that if changes need to be made, it's easy to do and it also keeps a record of how you progress. It's another way of interacting with your coach - for better or for worse!

It's interactive. It's specific. It's for you, and only for you.

For more details about personal and interactive online coaching, please get in touch.


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