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Want to upgrade your run?

Do you know how to progress? Or are you just guessing?

Are you just trying to run faster or further each time you go out?

Maybe you are just aiming to stick to a pace that 'hurts' for as long as you can, in the hope that it'll get easier?!

If you are, maybe you need a bit of perspective.

The running journey is not an easy progression. Sure, running faster and further may be your goal, but it's HOW you are going about it that's important.

Here are a few tips that are worth thinking about:

1. Take into account your weekly mileage as well as your individual miles. For each run you record, whether it's done to the 0.01 of a mile, consider the total mileage you cover for the week and month to ensure you don't over-do it.

2. Use your time wisely. It's worth aiming to train harder for shorter amount of time with different types of runs. These are your technical runs - your hill training sessions, fartlek runs, tempo interval training for example. After a warm up, you can push your limits with these types of training sessions, ease back down and stretch in a small window of opportunity!

3. Build strength specifically for running to help keep injury at bay. Will Harris - The Movement Physio encourages checking in before you get injured. It's far more constructive than waiting until it's too late and you need to rehab an on-going injury.

4. It's not all about the stats! Going for a relaxing run without the pressure of clock-watching can be just as, if not more beneficial than always trying to maintain a certain pace or distance. These easy runs build your stamina and endurance without over-loading the body.

5. Find a running buddy. Consider running with someone you don't usually run with - a friend, a running group, a running club, the dog! Someone who may challenge you, hold you accountable and helps you along the way.

Consider trying something new.

Andrea x

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